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Welcome to Crossfire Training!

Instructors - Linda Watson, Marty Groves, Michael Hooper

Texas DPS and Utah BCI Certified Instructors since 1999


Before you sign up for the bargain class elsewhere, make sure you know what additional costs you will have to pay.  It could end up costing you more! 

Located in the North Fort Worth area, Our classes are fun, interactive, and informative. 
We use a combination of lecture, video, demonstrations, and interactive discussion to keep you interested and engaged. We walk you through the entire application process.  You will learn everything you must know to complete your application and get your license. We also include the things you should  know to be a responsible gun owner.  We never contract out classes to other instructors.  All classes are taught by Marty and Linda together.

The class includes everything you need to get your license (except the application fee to DPS!)  There are NO HIDDEN COSTS, NO HIDDEN FEES. 

EVERYTHING, other than the license fee to the stateis INCLUDED in the class fee of $99.95 

Printed applications for those who need them, pre-addressed envelope to DPS, photos and notary service (when required), MORPHOTRUST FINGERPRINTING ONSITE, and RANGE FEES are all included.  We also provide you a printed lesson plan , as well as the very latest CHL-16 Handgun Law booklet from Texas DPS, pens, highlighters, drinks, and snacks.  

You MUST register to guarantee a place in the class.
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Contact us at 817-439-1015, 682-521-4966
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