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The recommended application process for the Texas CHL is:

1. Check your eligibility
2. Schedule your CHL Class
3. Apply online with Texas DPS 
4. Print your barcoded receipt with document checklist and the trace number
5. Schedule your fingerprinting apointment with MorphoTrust USA.  You can schedule ONLINE, or by calling 1-888-467-2080
          Fingerprint appointments for Saturdays fill up quickly!  Do this as soon as possible - up to 30 days before the class.
6. Print your FAST PASS and bring to your fingerprint appointment.
If you schedule your appointment with Crossfire Training for any time during your class day, and you will be fingerprinted during your class
7. After class, mail your completed application package to:
           Texas Department of Public Safety
           Concealed Handgun Licensing Bureau, MSC 0245
           PO Box 4087
           Austin, TX 78773-0245 
You can also scan and upload your application documents on the DPS website HERE


Alternate Process - if you do NOT want to apply online

1. Schedule your CHL Class           
2.  Fill out the paper application packet that you receive in class.
3. After class, mail your completed application package, with payment, to:
           Regulatory Licensing Service MSC 0245
           Texas Department of Public Safety
           PO BOX 15888
           Austin, TX 78761-5888
4. After DPS has received your application, schedule your fingerprinting apointment with MorphoTrust USA. 
           You can schedule online, or by calling 1-888-467-2080